Unlike in the Zendikar Rising review, I feel better about committing to what will see play from Commander Legends at least as far as Nic Fit in concerned. As a set designed for Commander, there likely weren’t going to be too many Legacy playable cards let alone cards for our specific Legacy deck and that seems to have held true. With that in mind, here’s the cards that I think will have an impact:

The hits

Opposition Agent has gotten most of the Legacy hype for Commander Legends and it’s pretty clear why. It hits a ton of relevant Legacy cards and having flash can result in huge blowouts. Just to name a few of the cards:

It also makes Veteran Explorer one-sided (the opponent will choose not to search) and stops the opponent getting lands with Assassin’s Trophy or Path to Exile. One thing I noted while putting together the list above is that there’s a lot of relevant cards from Nic Fit’s bad combo matchups. This card looks like it could help quite a bit in shoring up these bad matchups either as a main deck card or out of the sideboard.

The problem with Opposition Agent is that it is also very good against Nic Fit hitting our fetchlands, Green Sun’s Zeniths, Rectors, and Veteran Explorers among others. If this card is adopted widely in Legacy, fetching cards from the deck will have to be done cautiously to avoid being blown out.

Hullbreacher will definitely be played in Legacy and I’m not looking forward to facing it in Echo of Eons decks. It also might be worth a try in BUG Nic Fit. The merfolk pirate has some features of Leovold which is a BUG Fit staple, while also having flash like Notion Thief which doesn’t usually make the cut. Whether reducing the cost by one will cause Hullbreacher to see play is still a matter of debate but I expect some Nic Fit pilots to try it. Any card that takes Brainstorm decks down a peg is worth considering.

The monarch is a pretty busted mechanic in 1v1 Magic and as a result I expect Nic Fit pilots to try the Courts cycle. None of the Courts are a perfect fit for Nic Fit although there is some synergy with existing Nic Fit decks.

Of these, Court of Grace is probably the best one for Nic Fit as generating creatures with evasion will help retake the monarchy if it is lost. The tokens could also be sacrificed to flashback Cabal Therapy or used as fodder for Evolutionary Leap in a Rector deck. However, due to the ubiquity of Ice-Fang Coatl, the monarch isn’t what it used to be and it’s dangerous to play these even into an empty board.

Court of Bounty is probably a little worse as it doesn’t help retake the monarchy. However, putting big creatures into play is definitely something Nic Fit pilots love to try.

The misses

There are quite a few other cards that some might joke are “playable in Nic Fit”, meaning bad Legacy cards, but in truth these cards just aren’t Legacy playable. Even though cards like Magus of the Order might be desirable in Nic Fit, having to untap with it and then sacrifice two creatures (even if one is Veteran Explorer) is just too high a cost. All of these cards just have better alternatives for the mana or effect.

Wrap up

This set review was short and sweet since there weren’t too many cards worth discussing for Nic Fit. Opposition Agent, which has seen tons of hype from lots of folks, is definitely the best of the bunch. Unfortunately, it’s also extremely good against us. We’ll have to see what the real uptake will be and how easy it is to play around whether we’re the ones playing it or we’re facing it.