NicFitMTG is a site dedicated to the Magic: the Gathering Legacy deck Nic Fit. Nic Fit is a flexible, meta-dependent deck that relies on Veteran Explorer and Cabal Therapy to ramp into larger threats while presenting a disruption package. The deck is not always competitive depending on the meta. More basic lands, more combo decks, and bigger threats make for more challenging matchups for Nic Fit pilots.

The deck as a whole can range from a very fair, value creature based game to unfair combo variants that attempt to cheat Emrakul into play. Take a look at the archetypes page for all the different Nic Fit variants.

History of Nic Fit

There are a number of theories about where the name Nic Fit came from. While some claim that somebody misspelled Nice Fit and the name Nic Fit stuck, the name really originates from a Sonic Youth song of same name according to this 2011 thread on The Source from user Tao who helped pioneer the deck.


This site, is created and maintained by a few users in the Nic Fit Discord. The site source is available on GitHub and it is hosted by GitHub Pages. If you’re interested in helping out or otherwise contributing to the site, the best way is to get in touch in the Nic Fit Discord or in a GitHub issue. was heavily influenced by some other successful Legacy content sites including,, and Thraben University.